Take Charge of Your Sexual Health

What you need to know about preventive services

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What to Look for in a Sexual Health Care Provider

Remember, a health care provider who takes good care of your sexual health should:

A health care provider should NOT:

If you feel uncomfortable with your health care provider for any reason, listen to your feelings. Ask your friends or family to recommend someone you can trust, research providers through an online rating site, or ask your health plan for a list of top-rated doctors in your area.

Take Charge

You can do many things to take charge of your sexual health. Make visiting a health care provider a priority. But, when you go for a visit, don’t just rely on your provider. It’s up to you to know which services you need and to make sure that you get them.

Schedule an appointment and get the services and advice you need to take care of your entire body, and to help you enjoy good sexual health for a lifetime.