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What Types of Health Care Providers Address Sexual Health?

Described below are the types of health care providers who can provide sexual health care services and advice, along with where you can find them. For specific information about how to locate a provider near you, please consult the resources at the end of this guide. 

Primary care providers, such as internists, family doctors, general medicine doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse-midwives are trained in general medicine and to care for the whole body. They work in private doctors’ offices, clinics, community health centers, family planning clinics, STI clinics, and college health systems. Even if they do not specialize in sexual health, they can be a good starting point and refer you to a specialist, if needed.

Specialists, such as obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs), urologists, and women’s health nurse practitioners focus on reproductive health. They work in private doctors’ offices, community health centers, and family planning clinics.

Health educators work in clinics, community-based programs, schools, and colleges. They might offer sexual health counseling and educational materials to inform and equip people to make healthy decisions.

Pharmacists working in pharmacies, clinics, and community health centers are experts about prescription and over-the-counter medications and can dispense birth control.

Mental health professionals, such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, sex therapists, and psychiatrists, can address the emotional and mental health issues related to sexual concerns and problems. You will find them at college campuses, private practices, clinics, community health centers, and social service agencies.